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Sheldon Haynie

FLIR Security IP "Dome" camera on B&G

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Looking at the Zeus2 manual

( ) they reference ability to control FLIR camera using Ethernet.

No doubt they control the Marine grade cameras at $3-100k.

Question is whether they control the FLIR IP Dome cameras at $200-1k ? ( )

For limited inshore night work I can see this being very useful, mounted below a 4G radar


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  • Had a great chat with "Hunter" the West Coast FLIR guy.

    Several points: The Security "IP" cameras are visible/Near IR. Not "THermal" which use something about 10 um wavelength.

    Their Thermal cameras are all about the same price, whether Marine or Security, but the Marine is built for salt spray environment.


  • Sheldon, Ethernet control of FLIR nav cameras by B&G and others does not mean that the MFD can work with IP cameras. The way that FLIR's current big, serious thermal cams currently work is control over Ethernet but analog video over coax cable.

  • What are the chances of using an iPad browser to the IP ?