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Raymarine AIS500 external transmitter fault

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Can anyone help me understand why my Raymarine AIS500 is continually alarming with a "Transmitter Fault" and a "Transmitter PA Fault"? The vessel is fitted out with Raymarine E125MFD and a Raymarine Ray55E VHF. We purchased the vessel in September and the vessel had an MMSI registered to the owner. The system worked fine under sea trials and on the 400nm delivery trip back to Sydney. I have had both the AIS and the VHF MMSI updated to my new MMSI number however I found a that the system continually alarms once reinstalled.
I have been able to interrogate the unit via the diagnostics with ProAIS software and all parameters seem to be functioning with good GPS signals and inbound vessel information streaming in.
The diagnostics did indicate under the Transmitter Status tab that the Transmitter is "Disabled" and "waiting for first transmission or GPS fix"? The Indicated Status LED tab shows "TX TIMEOUT" Amber light. The MFD alarm comes up as "External AIS unit fault TX malfunction" and "External AIS unit fault, Transmitter PA fault".
Now the AIS will not talk to my lap top at all.
Is this an AIS unit fault or is the fault with the VHF transmitter being the "external transmitter"?? Seems like the AIS is playing up with the laptop connection failing also? Frustrated...

Regards Bob

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  • AIS Unit.

    Check the Antenna wiring, a fault with the antenna will cause the transmitter in the AIS unit to be 'unhappy', if that is really all good, then the fault is with the unit itself.

  • Thanks Edward for your help. Much appreciated. Regards Bob

  • Thanks Edward
    I checked out the radio operation without the AIS connected and the antenna had good strength from radio checks with other stations. I then tried a updated software PROais2 version (Digital Yacht?) to see if I could toggle on/off the transmitter but it still stayed in the "Disabled" status. On my last attempt the unit stopped talking to my lap top completely via both programs so have sent back to the shop.
    Hope I haven't fried its brain.
    Regards Bob