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control of zeus2 w/ ipad

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I'm currently converting my instruments (old raymarine) to the B&G Triton D/S/T/W instrument package I got off Defender!

Anyway I'm going to also get the Zeus2 7 or 9.

My question is: has anyone been able to use an IPAD to not just display the nmea2k info from the B&G stuff, but to be able to control the environment as well.

For instance being able to plot a course and navigate from the IPAD.

I currently have a garmin chartplotter and run the blue chart on the IPAD w/ a bad elf. This is great for seeing that we are going in the right direction, but it's a one way communication. I am not able to plot a course on the IPAD and have that reflected in the chart plotter, and subsequently the auto helm.

I recently spent time on a friends 42' cat. The had a whole new Garmin system installed. But, again all they could do was plan on the IPAD, and export, and import to the chartplotter at the helm. It (IPAD) did NOT control anything.

thx for responding...

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  • I have Simrad NSS Evo2 which Zeus2 is based on so the GoFree functionality should be identical.

    From an iPad or Android tablet the screen is mirrored and everything except autopilot functionality can be controlled.

    With a phone it's mirroring only, no control.

  • 1. Get the Zeus2 on WiFi. Either interface it to a WiFi router you already have (if you like tinkering with cables) or get the Navico WiFi-1 (plug & play).
    2. Get the B&G GoFree app from the Apple App store.

    Gives you full remote control of your Zeus2 (except for auto pilot remote, for legal reasons.)

  • Thx for the feedback. That's what I've been hoping...

    Follow up question: If my auto helm is in 'tracking' mode, following the 'route' on the zeus2, and I modify the existing route that is currently being navigated by the autohelm.

    Will that work? Meaning I'm not directly controlling the autohelm, but indirectly via the zeus route.

  • Key point, you can view it on your iPad, but can not engage AP or make course changes.