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Monte Vista

Garmin GWH20

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Is Garmin GWH20 compatible with non-Garmin Bluetooth headsets? I want to purchase the GWH20 and use it with a compatible Bluetooth headset (earphone and mike). Garmin website talks only about pairing it with their handheld GHS20 wireless device.

Please advise me.


Monte Vista

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  • Sorry, Monte, but I very much doubt that you can get anything but Garmin's own wireless handset to work with the GWH20 hub, because there's a whole lot more going on there than just rx/tx streaming. But I did mention your desire in a new Panbo entry and maybe someone will share an idea that will work for you:

  • Thanks for the reply. I guessed as much! Unfortunately I do not see any other VHF device, similar to Garmin VHF200, that will accept either its own brand or third party headset, wired or wireless. That surprises me. Is the desire to wear a headset (wired or wireless) for use with the boat's VHF such an oddball desire? I see wireless headsets that come with a hub so crew can talk with each other but I don't see any of those capable of hooking into the boat's VHF.