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Steve Mitchell

Raymarine chartplotter choice

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Just bought a new sailboat, and need some recommendations. I have worked extensively with NMEA0183 and NMEA2000 but always have avoided Raymarine equipment. Most of my experience is Maretron, Simrad, and B&G.

My new boat has two Raymarine ST60 instruments, and an ST4000+ auto pilot.

I want to add a chart plotter, and it seems like there are enough compatibility problems with other brands that I'd prefer to use something from Raymarine.

I know I will likely need the E22158 converter.

What I can't tell is what chart plotter to choose. There are so many choices in Raymarine's line.

I'm looking for a fairly small screen, no need for widescreen, and I'd like touch screen and low power usage. I don't need sonar, or any other non-sailing features.

I do want to be able to plan routes and tracks, and have the chart plotter drive the autopilot, which seems to be a problem with non-Raymarine chart plotters.

Thanks for your input.

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  • Steve, I'd look hard at the new Raymarine eS Series, as newer hardware almost invariably has better specs, and I also favor the hybrid touch interface over the all touch:

    But all the Raymarine MFDs run nearly the same software and if it turns out you don't like pure touch, you can always add a keypad or use the smartphone remote app. And don't be swayed by complaints about older Ray gear. It's evolved wonderfully since the FLIR takeover and may get even better now that all the displays are on one solid platform. For instance, the latest software update included a large and impressive set of sailing and racing features I plan to write about soon.

    On the other hand, I think your fears of incompatibility with other MFD brands are somewhat overdone. You may get more AP integration with a Ray MFD, for instance, but other systems should be able to deliver basic Steer To Waypoint info over N2K (I think).

  • I have the e125, one step before the es series. Good results, great price (was reduced as the es series came out). Could be a bit brighter, but otherwise serves me well. Ben wrote about the es series here:

    B&G has a new product for sailboats that Ben wrote about two months back here:

    I don't have experience with it, but it sure appears worth checking out if you don't mind lack of radar support, a 7" display, the interfacing shouldn't be easy. For $800 you get a unbelievable price on sailboat specific features from a company that caters to our sailing market. Shows laylines, adjusts for leeway, etc. Raymarine and Garmin have introduced some of these features. I am struggling with the Raymarine version (Layline jumps around), I suspect it gets better in the next release as it could use quite a bit of improvement, but B&G has this for $800. Wow

  • I have a Raymarine EV200 with P70 and EV-1 autopilot that I installed last summer . I tried to make it work with my Garmin GPSMAP 376 over a Raymarine NMEA0183 bridge to Seatalk1. IT NEVER WORKD, COULD STEER TO A WAYPOINT. Raymarine tols me that it was because it was not NMEA 2000.

    This spring I bought Raymarine i50, i60 to get nmea 2000 and installed a Garmin chartploter 7610xsv with GRID and radar. Worst then last year. AUTOPILOT STOP WORKING AFTAER A COUPLE OF MINUTES, .

    Raymarine does not care and told me it was my problem!! Winston, a supervisor at Raymarine did not want to help at all.

    Will never buy Raymarine again NOT COMPATIBLE WITH NMEA2000