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GPS, AIS, and wifi Options on 35 ft race boat

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I am gearing up my one design 35 for distance races this summer on the great lakes and am looking for some advice on the best system/product setup for GPS, AIS, VHF, and wifi for Ipad/iphone.

Currently the only existing piece of equipment that will remain on the boat is the Ockam instruments with a Tryad T1 processor that will take GPS in and send NMEA out, and i need a new VHF for the DSC requirement.

Right now i have narrowed it down to two setups and would like some input on performance and anything i may have missed.

option 1: $720
Standard Horizon GX2200 VHF with as both the GPS and AIS
DMK 11a wifi unti to send GPS, AIS and instrument data to an on deck iPad and iPhone

This is the lowest cost option, and seems the simplest with no antenna splitter and the VHF unit is the main hub, as long as the performance is there

Option2: $1100
lower cost VHF
Vesper marine XB-8000 GPS, AIS, and wifi
Vesper antenna splitter required

From the blog on the XB-8000, this sounds like the best performace option, but i havent been adle to read much on comparing this to the DMK option.

Any input on these two options would be greatly appreciated.


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  • I think either system will work but favor the Vesper option.

    Then you'll be able to transmit AIS as well as receive it, and the XB8000 is a particularly rugged and feature rich device. I'm currently using one to feed AIS over NMEA 2000 to multiple MFDs and AIS/GPS/Depth/Wind/Heading over USB and WiFi to 2 PC's, an iPad and an Android phone, where multiple charting programs and apps can make use of it.