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I have a 31 Contender that had all of the electronics stolen. My insurance company sent the boat to their dealer for replacement. The dealer used Lowrance. I have ended up with a 10 inch and a 7 inch screen. Neither myself or anyone of the crew can figure out how to work any of it. I ended up by mistake with a small Lowrance unit on my duck boat. It is the same junk as on my big boat. I now have two boats and over 10 grand invested and can't even use it to find an inlet. It is complicated, space garbage I had no initial bias against Lowrance, but our family builds the best Sportfish in the world and will use nothing but Garmin. I may sue the insurance company. Lowrance is complete, Asian made junk, garbage, cat litter!!!

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  • Garmin is Asian made, Lowrance is produced in Mexico just 30 minutes drive south of the Californian border.