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Maxsea v12.6 - Merging PTZ databases?

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I'm hoping you fine people can assist me on this little matter. I need to take multiple 3DDB.PTZ PBG database files and merge them into a single database and the program really doesn't seem to want me too.

They give import and export options, but import overwrites the existing DB, it doesn't add to it. If I export the file I get an .XYZ file. I can then export all databases, and one at a time re-import them in which does what I want based on small tests, but I get non stop errors where it says there is too much information (or none, helpful) and it can't do it for most of the DB's. I've even tried narrowing down the import range to a VERY small area, that I know there is valid data in, and it still fails the import midway. Is there a better way to do this? A third party tool maybe?

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  • Subscribing in the hopes someone else comes along with a suggestion. I've done what you are asking, and the only way I did it was thru systematic, tedious, painfully slow import of small areas. I set up 2 machines to simplify the process, output a small area, imported it, and if it worked, deleted it from the original machine until there was nothing left. I had to merge only 2 DB's and it probably took me 4-5 hours of painstaking note taking and file moving. If an area bugs and stops, go smaller, eventually it will work.

    That said, we have a new copy of TZ Professional with PBG in our shop now, I just checked it and it can smoothly import multiple PBG files from v12.6 and merge them without a blink. It then has Export options for GPX, KML, CSV and XYZ. It may now be possible to use the new version of the software to merge DB's, that can then be brought back into the old version viz one XYZ file. I'll have to mess with that at a later date and see if it's that easy.