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Adam K.

Interference issues w/ Forwardscan???

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I'm getting ready to replace my old Nexus wind/speed/depth package w/ B&G Triton (uses Airmar Smart Triducer). I'm also installing a Simrad Forwardscan, with Sonarhub, and a B&G Zeus2 7" display. The existing transducers are a paddlewheel speedo, and a separate Airmar depth (w/ tapered fairing blocks). They are located side by side, on opposite sides of the centerline, each about 6" from CL (total of about 1' apart from one another)

The Forwardscan operates at 180 kHz, the Triducer at 235 kHz.

It would be a breeze to install the ForwardScan transducer in the old faired hole (previously used by the depth transducer), and the Triducer in the old non faired paddle wheel hole (previously used by the speedo.....the "Smart" Triducer does not require a faired hole). However, the ForwardScan instructions say to mount it 2' minimum from other transducers.

Can anyone tell me if an extra foot of separation between the 2 transducers, 1 at 180 kHz, other at 235 kHz, will really make much of a difference? I hate to fill an old thru hull hole, and put another just about 1 or 2 feet away, if 1 foot will work ok. Thanks for any input

Whangarei, NZ

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