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Harry Pontikis

Raymarine and B&G

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Hi there, I have the raymarine st60+ instruments and a raymarine spx30 autopilot. I am in the process of choosing an mfd and radar to install on the boat. I am getting a lot of conflicting advice as to the compatibility of this arrangement, with the new B&G Zeus2 MFDs, in particular being able to interface the autopilot to the MFD and have features like wind angle and route tracking.
Any ideas would be much appreciated.

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  • I was told by B&G that their chartplotters will only drive a simrad autopilot. However, they said that it will put out N2K sentences, e.g., position cog, etc that a autopilot can use. B&G has horrible support so take anything they say with a grain of salt, make that 2 grains. I would go to their site and download manual.