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I am considering buying a Google Samsung Chromebook, possibly to use for navigation.
Navionics HD app is compatible, my question is, does the book have an integral GPS not dependent on networks, that will operate the Navionics.
Alternatively would an external USB GPS work.
If anyone has used one would love to know, been trying to contact Google to no effect.

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  • I don't know whether the Chromebook has an internal GPS but if it does and you are running Windows 8 you won't be able to use it with nav programs. Microsoft right hand not talking to left hand apparently.)
    You can get 3rd party software from:
    which creates a virtual COM port needed by most nav programs.

  • I think you may have the wrong end of the stick, as the Chromebook does not use Microsoft in any way, it is a Google internet based browser.

  • Fair enough, my mistake - why would Google use a Microsoft product!
    Hopefully Google didn't make the same mistake as Microsoft, and your nav software doesn't need a com port for the GPS signal.

  • Thank you, no problems we all make some..
    That is what my enquiry is all about, does the Chromebook have a GPS, unlike my Microsoft laptop, which needs external and a port dedicated to it.
    If it doesn't, will an external GPS work with it? I have asked Navionics, waiting a reply, the external I would like is a bluetooth gps from Globalsat, asked them also.
    I would like to ask Google or Samsung, does anyone know a good way to contact them, seem a little inpenetrable to me.

  • These things can be hard to find out.
    Before I recently bought my Lenovo Miix Windows8 tablet it took me a while to confirm that it had an internal GPS. Then I found out that it can't be accessed w/o 3rd party software!

  • I have recently bought a HUDL2 tablet, my first Android experience, having had an i phone for some time. Still finding my way around it! but very pleased with it, it has as most Androids do GPS chipped not dependent on any network. Apple confuses people as they only have GPS on their wifi+cellular iPads, the GPS chip is on the communications board, which wifi only does not have.

  • Hi Sarnia, I have a new Acer C720 Chromebook but am not sure you got good information about Navionics working on it. I do not see a Navionics app in the Chrome app store and the Chromebook does not show up as one of my Android devices in Google Play. Did I miss something?

  • I have not as yet downloaded Navionics app as I need to be certain I can use a GPS with it which positions me on it. When I go to Google there are apps for Navionics which when selected show 'compatible with your device' I shall check it again to make sure when I get back home.

  • Do you really want a chromebook while underway ?? It requires internet full time to be useful, does it not?

  • Yes for internet browsing, but a downloaded chart can be viewed and i am trying to find a GPS to use with it.

  • Chromebook for free???? Definitely, if you want a terabyte of GoogleDrive storage. I know this for certain. I expanded my GDrive account in November for $10 a month, then bought an Acer C720 from Amazon for $159 during the Cyber Monday sale. Today I got around to signing up for my "free" Terabyte GD storage for 2 years and then cancelled my subscription. That's a $240 value to me, so I made $81 buying the Acer!

    But I don't think there's any way to do GPS mapping on a Chromebook. It does claim to recognize a Bad Elf Bluetooth GPS but even GoogleMaps can't see a location. Chromebooks are great for other things, though, and they can be used offline.