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B&G h2000 to h3000 help!

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I presently have a h2000 autopilot system with an ACP2 processor. The rest of the system sensors are also h2000.

I'm looking to carry an entire spare autopilot in components in order to be able to switch out in the event of failure on an extended cruise across the Pacific.

H2000's are now obsolete. However, I can still source every component new except the autopilot control panel and the Halcyon compass.

The H3000 system also uses an ACP2 processor.

Is there any reason I cannot use a H3000 autopilot control panel?

I have written to B&G tech support and all I've received are one line, cryptic answers. Utterly Useless.

I'm on the verge of ditching this B&G AP system and installing a WH one.. At least he answers my questions. B&G are most unhelpful.



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  • Any one having a H3000 GFD for sale?
    Yes, and now the H3000 system is obsolete too....
    I have a boat with a full H3000 system but one of two GFD instruments are broken and I can't get a new so I am hoping that some one out here have one for sale.

  • This may be too late, but I have been using an H3000 AP control display along with my H2000 instrument system for over a year now. All seems good.