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Adding CP to B&G network

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Just purchased a boat with B&G Network instrument system - AP, wind, tack, speed, depth, data. Per documentation, it is NMEA v1.5. Currently uses an old Northstar GPS. I would like to keep the instruments/wiring, and replace the GPS with a Zeus or Zeus2 and add 3/4G radar.

Has anyone done this? What challenges do I face here?

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  • Hello Bruce,
    I have a Network system on my sailboat (installed around 2000) and have had two different GPS chartplotters connected to the NAV unit over this period. The newest is the SimRad NSS7 and it works fine. There are only two Network devices that allow for NMEA 0183 date to be input/output. They are the NAV and the Pilot unit. You will need one of these to have any data sharing.