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Crashley SO 409

SIMRAD GoFree Router Setup

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Does anyone know what the admin username and password is for accessing the SIMRAD GoFree Wifi-1 router via a browser using its URL ( I logged on to my GoFree wifi network with a PC and want to access the router using a browser. It seems like it found it but it requires an admin username and password which I don't seem to have.

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  • I believe the login and password is admin. This will get you to some basic settings. You can then go into the Administration settings and set up an administrator login and password. If you log off and re-login with the new setting you've created then you can set up all of the router settings.

    Make sure you know what you're doing with the ip settings as once you change them you wont have any way of resetting to default from your MFD.

  • Apparently the default username and password is "admin". Thanks pvgas.

  • I have accessed the simple mode using admin but did not find any Administration settings to set a new administrator login and password. How do I find those setings?

  • Have had no luck with "admin"/"admin" for login and password for the GoFree WIFI 1 module. Anyone out there with any updates to this? I have tried using the passphrase that I created with the MFD but that does nothing to get in via a web browser on a computer.


  • I did manage to log in to the Go-Free router last year using a PC browser but I haven't tried lately. As I recall there wasn't much I could do though the PC. I recently have been using an iPad Mini to control the NSS MFDs and it works but the display is a bit small.

  • Try super/super rather than admin/admin. Note that the MFD prompts you to change the password so if you've done this it'll be super/[new password].