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Problems with Version 2 of Simrad GoFree App

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The app Simrad GoFree Version 2 isn't working with my iPad (version 1). Last year was the first year with the NSS7 and the Wifi module and everything worked fine. This year I uploaded the new version of GoFee and my iPad cannot start the application. After a few seconds, the app just quits. I've spoken with Achilles (my Simrad Dealer) and he doesn't know what could be wrong. The Apple Genius people think that the version of the app doesn't really support the older iPads with limited memory. At the Apple Store we tried quiting all applications except the Simrad GoFree and it still would not start. I am running iOS 5.1.1 (the highest version possible with the iPad 1). Apple suggested that I get from Simrad the former version 1 of the app as this would replicate my experience of last year. I would like your help with this as I need some special code "Redeem Code" to download the former version from iTunes. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks again.
John Notch.

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  • Hi John, I will forward your post to a Navico person who specializes in GoFree.

  • Here is an update: This weekend I had one of my crew members bring along a newer iPad (version 3 from 2012) that was running ios version 7 and the updated Simrad GoFree App (version 2). Everything worked as it was suppose to. This means that the newer version of Simrad GoFree does not work on the older iPad (version 1) running ios version 5.1.1. Either the App should be improved or an easy ability to download previous versions of Simrad GoFree (versions 1.8 or 1.9) from iTunes should be provided.