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SIMRAD SimNet and Fusion 700i Head Unit

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Any help please...

I have a SimNet network running through my yacht... with a SIMRAD NSS8 connected. I also so have a Fusion 700i which is not currently connected to the SimNet (as the NSS8 did not previously support the control of the Head Unit). SIMRAD have just released software V3 for the NSS8 MFD - which I have updated. So in theory I should now just have to connect my Fusion 700i to the Network - and I will be able to control the Head Unit from my SIMRAD NSS8 MFD.

So what is the problem... I am new to all this NMEA2000 / SimNet stuff... and have NO IDEA about the cables. The Fusion Head unit has a cable that says "NMEA2000" on in - its an 8 pin female socket. I have a spare socket on a SimNet expansion block. Is it as simple as finding the right cable to plug from the Fusion Head then in to the spare socket on the SimNet block ?

Any help appreciated....



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