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John Hinckley

Multiple GPS Sources

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One thing I have been thinking about a bit lately, the potential multiple gps sources on a single boat. It seems everything comes with a gps receiver now (outboard motors???).

I work hard to follow the rule of simplicity, and as such, have been thinking how to determine the "master gps signal" when I install the NSS 12 (with gps antenna), an XB 8000, possibly a get the idea.

I'm curious as to how other folks handle this, or even consider it an issue.

I understand that it might not be as much of an issue for some folks, but for me the combination of my belief in "complete, but as simple as possible", and "the more devices/interconnects, the more potential glitches" (& that all these multiple sources kind of offend my "engineers linear sense of order...;)), it becomes something that I am at least wanting to clarify if it's a real issue.

Thanks all for any thoughts

John Hinckley

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  • Hi John,

    I think having one 'master' GPS is secondary to using them practically and optimally. For instance, the Vesper XB-8000 must use its own GPS, by law, so no choice there.

    But the XB can put out enough GPS info over NMEA 2000 to use as a primary GPS with your NSS 12 so you will have a choice there. I think by default the NSS will automatically choose the GPS with best HDOP accuracy but you might want to specify your preference.

    However, if you get, say, a Simrad RS35 VHF you'll find that it will not automatically find an N2K GPS source so you might want to select the Vesper as it will probably be powered up more than the NSS.

  • Thanks for the thoughts Ben. Appreciate the time.
    I get the logic you mention. Helps get me pointed in the right direction.
    This points me towards an illustrated flow chart. Good graphics make a difference every time.
    Possibly one that can be updated as things change on the boat.