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Ben E

Broadband Radar interference issues?

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I was surprised to receive this query via email:

"I had been heading in the direction of broadband radar and possibly considering a B and G chart plotter. Then I spoke with two very reputable firms that sell and install systems. Both firms told me that they would not ever want to sell broadband radar if they had anything to say about it. Both are licensed to sell the broadband products. They said that the broadband radar is 100% impacted by pulse radar, and therefore not effective. I was surprised to hear negative opinions since the broadband uses 1/10th the power of pulse radar."

From my experience this is nearly 100% myth. I generally run the test 4G radar on Gizmo at low IR (Interference Rejection) setting -- like I do the other radars, to minimize missed targets -- and I twice transited all the radars in New York Harbor that way. Have any 3G or 4G radar users out there experienced interference issues from nearby radars?

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  • I would agree this is 100% myth, and I would go further and say that this anonymous claim from "they" is almost libelous. Maybe that is not the correct legal term. Those two "reputable" firms should put their name on the line and explain their claim or else withdraw that comment.

    The broadband radar display draws a line to the pulse radar when hit by a pulse, which only occurs when both radars are aimed at each other, which is infrequent if not rare. It is fleeting and the interference suppression feature does work. The broadband radar is effective regardless of interference in normal situations. Maybe someone can imagine some situation in which there is a problem; I can't.

  • When the original BroadBand radar, BR24, was released in 2009 the interference rejection was not very good, the improved interference rejection came in a software update a few months later. The statements can be based on someones experience with an early software version of the now obsoleted original BR24 version of the BroadBand radar back in 2009 or 2010.

    I have 4G radar and I've not had any issues with interference. I've been following the Electronics Forum at THT very closely for years and I can't remember any complaints about interference from other radars for the 3G and the 4G. something which I'm quite sure there would have been if the statements had been correct.