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Carl Grootjes

Furuno TZ & Simrad Pilot true heading faillure

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We tested an issue we experienced with the combination of a Furuno TZ touch and Simrad autopilots. (AP70 and AC42 series) True bearing selection in the Furuno TZ units menu immediately introduces a conflict in the TZ heading display. This can only be solved by unplugging the Simrad CPU from the NMEA2000 network. Magnetic bearing selection does not have this problem. July 2013 we reported this problem to Furuno. We appear to be the only one with this problem. So I wonder, does anyone else use the same configuration and does true bearing work?

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  • Might be you have solved the issue I the meantime. We recently installed an ac42 within a n2k network.
    When doing an update for new sources, we stated our b&g Zeus plus all the instruments took the Ac as main source for the true wind calculation.
    We can personalise the system and choice a different source for the calculation. Nevertheless b&g technical service, recommends us to let the ac42 as the source to calculate the true wind...why? They never answer.

    Hope it helps,

    Regards from the Mediterranean