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B&G Zeus T8 with Raymarine transducers

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During re-fit I installed new transducers:

Raymarine ST60 Wind Vane Transducer w/30M Cable

Raymarine ST800 / P120 Low Profile Through Hull Transducer

Raymarine M78713-PZ Thru-Hull Transducer

I like the sail features of the Zeus T8 and would like to use it for my MFD Chart-plotter. For an instrument I can go with either an i70 or Triton. With the transducers I have am I stuck with the Ray e9 or C95?

Thanks information.

Sabre 34

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  • Sorry I didn't see this sooner.

    You do NOT have to use a Raymarien MFD but you do need to translate the output of all those SeaTalk sensors into NMEA 2000 (aka SeaTalkNG) and you also need a way to calibrate the sensors.

    First check out Raymarine's iTC-5 Transducer Converter:

    I think it will take all your sensor info and put it into N2K. Then an i70 on the network can do the calibration, and a Zeus or other N2K MFD will see the calibrated results.

    You could use either Ray's STng cabling or regular N2K, with adapter cables as needed.

    Please note that I haven't tried this myself, so it would be good idea to read the manuals and maybe call Raymarine tech before pulling the trigger ;-)

  • Thanks for the information. I will check with Raymarine first but you've helped send me in the right direction.