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Weatherproof protection & mount for iPad

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I've been using an ipad on board for a couple years and I've finally convinced my company who makes protective covers for iPads to come out with a Marine Version. The factory isn't going to start the tooling until next week and I'd love to get some feedback on whats going to work and what is not.

The Gumdrop Marine system consists of a weatherproof (IPX6) enclosure with both a flush mount an d surface stand mount option. The goal is to really allow the iPad to be integrated into the helm as equally as any Garmin or Raymarine unit.

The iPad is sandwiched in between layers of silicon (gasket), ploy-carbonate shell, and see-thru plastic touch screen. Its screwed tight to achieve watertightness. The power cord exists via a self sealing plug. The unit is designed to easily remove and take to the bar, down below, etc. All data comms is intended to be done via Bluetooth.

What do you think? Would you use it? Would any of you be willing to flush mount it? What are the must have features?

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