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Dashmount Pebble

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Is there such a thing as a dashmount cellphone interface like a Pebble? My fishing buddies and I frequently send text messages back and forth, but when the wind is blowing and salt spray is everything, smart phones are tough to use safely (for the phone).

We also frequently miss each other's calls or texts because the phone is stuff in a waterproof box or compartment and notifications can't be heard over the wind.

I'm considering getting a pebble to stick on my center console's dash, but was wondering if there is something better that will let me see email/text/missedcall notifications and even better respond to texts on the waterproof device.

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  • Sorry, don't know of anything like that, but can say that the Pebble works well and has held up fine on my wrist through lots of boating and many showers.

    There are also starting to be marine apps that use the Pebble as an alternate display. With SeaNav and Simrad GoFree I can now get depth, wind, heading, speed, and even AIS on my wrist!