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Ben E

Replace Volvo Penta engine monitor?

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EVC Display 1.JPGRandy G. wrote in with a Volvo Penta engine gauge problem he'd love help with:

"I own a 2005 28' Carolina Classic with twin Volvo D4 260hp engines. Volvo has a proprietary EVC engine monitoring system that has a 4"(prox) monitor for each engine mounted on my dash that displays typical engine conditions. One of mine developed a burned spot in the center but it continued to work for months until the spot finally grew so large that the readings could no longer be seen. Volvo wants about $1700 to replace the unit. Surely there is someone from whom I can purchase just the 4" screen as a replacement part or someone that will replace the display for me. I'm sure the electronics are ok since it continued to display properly until the screen finally burned completely out. Can you offer any suggestions?"

EVC Display 3.JPG

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  • As I told Randy, this sure looks like the same third-party instrument hardware that Maretron sells as the DSM 150 for less than 1/3rd the price!

    The problem is that Randy needs one loaded with Volvo Penta firmware not Maretron's or someone else's. Any ideas out there?

  • Given the type of device, it is highly likely that the connection between the circuit board and the LCD is not permanent or glued.

    I suggest that Randy tries taking the display apart and see if this is true, in which case he should be able to obtain a replacement LCD. One obvious source is to buy an entire Maretron device.

  • Thanks Kees. I'll give it a try and see if Maretron's LCD will work. I appreciate the advice.


  • Hi Randy,

    Did you try Maretron's LCD on the Volvo monitor? Did it work ok?

    I have the exact same problem as you with it, and googling for solutions came up with this blog.

    Thanks for your advice

  • I'm curious too. I have two of these displays that work perfectly but the backlighting bulb burned out. 5 cent bulb makes them useless at night.

  • Hi I have a Bertram with Volvo 575s and my EVC Display Gauges are Shot as well I need 2 and at $1750 Each that Hurts Randy How did you make out??

  • Have both problems...back lights are out and there is a black spot on the evc monitor. I too have 2 units and the replacement cost is outrageous. Any idea if there is somehow to repair the units vs paying 1700 each for a replacement. Are they repairable??

  • Same here black spot is to big to see on the displays... Help Please!

  • I have the same problem! Has anyone found a solution? I know this is a old posting, but I can't find any information how to resolve this issue?

  • I can repair most black spot screen failures, EDC or EVC.

  • Heinz, I have the same issue repeated over and over again above. Both of my monitors have developed a dark spot in the center of the screen making reading the screen difficult but they are fully functional. I have both units out of the boat how have you been able to repair the display? Can you help. Have you done this for others?


  • I have same unit brand new in box only 650 usd if any one need please contact me ı have another parts for volvo hcu and control unit

  • Can you reach out to me? I need a Volvo edc monitor

    253 377-7147

  • I too have twin volvo EVC monitors just a few years old. This is just unacceptable owith the LCD burning out and as noted with other comments, very expensive to replace for a problem that will continue. I say we all write to Volvo and BOAT US, and have them replace these defected monitors. Also has anyone tried out Heinz to repair these? I don't want to get ripped off again. Also Kemal, do you have any available units for sale.

  • I know this is an older link but thought I'd send out to see if anyone found a solution. Mine is 2007 IPS-500 system. I have the same burn problem. Out of warranty to I took mine apart and found the LCD ribbon cable was press fit and soldered to the board so no simple replacement or repair without very specialized equipment. The circuit board was manufactured by Telefex Morse but ownership has passed thru a couple divestitures. Telefex is now Seastar Solutions but they vectored me to threevee located in Sarasota, FL. All folks I spoke with were sympathetic but had no solution except replacement thru volvo. However, One gentleman referred me to Seastar's CANTRACK 7200 display. Looks identical. The user manual is virtually identical to the Volvo User manual with the exception of the startup screen. I know these are tailored a bit via firmware to each manufacturer's needs but CAN bus is an industry standard. That said, no one would commit that installing the CANTRACK 7200 would be plug and play.

    Ben - is there a way on your end to forward these comments to the other folks on this posting to see if they could comment on their solution. Much appreciated and love the tech info you provide.

  • Jsut an update - Heinz Wahl, who posted his phone nnumber above, was independently recommended to me by a friend that keeps his boat at French Creek Marina in Clayton, NY where Heinz works. After speaking with Heinz, I sent my display. For $500 he replaced the surface glass, vacuum baked it and then ran a 12 hour burn-in test. Wish I could post pictures because it looks brand new. You can reach him at 315-686-3621.

  • Hello Boaters - Heinz has developed a website specifically for fixing the burned (burnt) LCD screens on your EVCs.

    Please check out

    And here's a little 'Before-n-After' video.

    Hope this helps.

  • Just got my burned screen EVC back from Heinz at French Creek. Looks and works like new.

  • I am looking for new plastic covers for my units. Bought my boat and they were missing. Thank you for any suggestions.

  • I have also developed a back light repair solution.

  • Don't want to high jack the thread but seems to be the best on the net about the EVC displays. I'm sure I will also be needing Heinz's services some day but luckily the seller of my new Cruiser just replaced both displays. I don't know the reason but maybe the same issues. He did tell me they didnt come with covers. After researching it, I don't think Volvo offered a display cover. Has any found a cover that fits?

  • Heinz,
    I am inquiring about your backlight repair solution for Volvo penta EVC displays. I read the entire post and have no burn spots on my 2008 carver w/ twin D6s. My problem is that one of two displays no longer has an operable backlight. The control pad will cycle through 3 (or 4?) levels of backlight on the working unit, but nothing on the other. Sounds like you have a fix for this problem and was wondering what you charge.
    Also, not sure how easy or hard it is to remove from helm dash?
    Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks, Tom