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Garmin GMI 10 has lost one page

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I have two Garmin GMI 10 displays on my NMEA 2000 system. I have set both of them up as custom instruments with a variety of wind, water and surface pages. One page that I like is the neat compass display which shows the boat's heading in a box at the top, and water speed in the centre, surrounded by a moving compass ring. On one display this page has simply vanished, with no apparent means of getting it back, as when I go to setup and try to add a page, this one does not appear at all, yet the other GMI 10 still displays it so the information sources are available.

Any ideas?

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  • Solved it! With a lot of trial and error. I found out that for any page to be available as a page on a custom instrument type it has to be set up on the appropriate non custom instrument type, in this case as a surface page. It appears that I had done some finger poking and set the surface page for combined COG and boat speed as a digital page. Changing that to analogue made the page available as an analogue page in a custom instrument setup.