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Replacing ST60+ wind display with i60Raymarine

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My old st60 plus display is no longer working so Raymarine told me I could replace it with an i60. But the S60 had spade connectors that plugged in to the Seatalk on the back. The i60 has rotating locking collar type with 6 pins in side. Looks like there might be a cable called a seatalk to seatalk ng adaptor cable. How do I put the paddle wires into this adaptor and I what order? Someone said I should get a D244 junction box. I have that also but don't see how it can help. HELP! I am on my way back to the boat in CHile and won't get much help there. I want to make sure that I bring all of the correct stuff with me.

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  • I don't own an i60 display, the advice that follows is from a quick read of the manuals. I can see on page 20 there is a picture that shows where the spade connectors go. Maybe they are hidden behind a cover plate?? Follow the link below, choose i60 English, and see the connectors in the diagram.

    Note, on the website there is a note that the transducer connections are only on the i60 wind, not the i60 close haul wind. Confirm you don't have the close haul version.

    As for the rotating connector, there are two of them, they are used to connect to either NMEA-2000 or Seatalk. On page 16 it shows an included adapter cable to plug into seatalk already provided. The seatalk connector end is female, as is the connector on your boat that use to plug into your ST60. female-female doesn't connect. To remedy this, either cut off both connectors and splice the wires (red to red, yellow to yellow, ground to ground, if I remember correctly) use the proper water tight butt connectors and crimping tools or purchase a D244 junction box with three male connectors, that would allow you to simply plug in the two female connectors and have expansion for a third. If you don't have the correct tools, create a good physical stress relief binding between the two wires, then strip the wires and use electrical tape on each lead as a temporary option.

    Read the manual before you proceed, I only jumped to the pages anticipating what I would find.

    Your welcome to post here again, but you can also post questions on Raymarines technical support forum, I normally see a response in 4 hours:

    Best wishes for an outrageous sail from Chile.

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  • Writing to confirm you received the information you needed.