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Connect Garmin 741XS to WestMarine VHF

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All -- Three calls with Garmin customer service and I get three answers to the question how properly to connect a West Marine (Uniden) VHF 580 to a Garmin GPSMAP 741XS. Shouldn't be that hard, but no success yet. If anyone has advice, I'd welcome it. Thank you.

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  • Whaler Jensen, give this a try:

    Garmin blue port 1(TX+) to VHF 580 Green (RX+)

    VHF bare, and Orange go to the same power ground (black wire)on the Garmin.

    I'm not sure the bare needs to be connected, but it won't most likely hurt. The 741s uses its power ground also as the NMEA ground.

    Go into the settings and make sure Garmin port 1 is set to standard NMEA. If it doesn't work, holler back.