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why my battery last for so short run time?

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My laptop is running on windows 8. My oem battery failed and i order a new battery replacement from this website i choose this 12 cell battery because i am tired of the short battery life of my last battery. I have Windows 8 and Ubuntu dual boot, and it seems my battery lasts longer while using Ubuntu. My last 6 cell battery last around 2-3 hrs, 6 hours if I am on power saving mode. But the new one can just last 5 hrs though i have set it on power saving mode. It sounds incredible. whether i have make a wrong setting on this system power setting.

I was wondering if anyone else has encountered the same or similar problem as I have. i have search for help on google, but the battery they stated are running on windows xp or windows vista, windows 7, not windows 8..any help will be greatly appreciated!!

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  • As it is not a genuine Compaq battery I´m not surprised.

    Have bought no-name batteries for my Macbook, Sony camera, Olympus camera, Panasonic camera. Different supplier.

    NEVER have they performed even close to the original battery.

    I´m done with those no-name batteries!