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what does the 56 whr stand for on my battery?

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hi, guys

i have some strange questions about my new laptop battery here. I know that two measures that used to state the power rating of a laptop battery is capacity and voltage, but i don't know the whr. I found the 56 whr printed on my battery, and i wonder How long is 56 whr last? Is that a 5-6 hour battery?? the battery detail:, but i can't find anything related to the whr on this product. What is the WHr stand for indeed? how long will these lithium ion batteries hold a charge. Does the bigger number mean the longer run time, thanks very much!!!

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  • Whr = Watt Hours. How long 56 Watt Hours will last, depends on how many watts are consumed per hour. If you consume 11.2 Watts per hour at a given screen brightness and level of disk activity, then your laptop could technically run 5 hours (Actually your laptop would be giving all sorts of warnings by the time you got down to 10%.)

    For practical purposes, since you don't know how many watts your laptop consumes per hour, all the number is good for is helping you roughly understand the difference in size of various batteries. E.g. a 112 Whr battery can be expected to last twice as long as a 56 Whr battery, and maybe get a ball park idea how long it would take to charge the battery using a 56 Watt charger vs. a 25 Watt charger.