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Router/Bridge/AP with MyWi internet (Lowrance Network)

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Can anyone with network knowledge help me. I currently use the MyWi app to create a hotspot to provide internet to my computer and iPad. I now have some new (marine) equipment that requires a physical ethernet port and I don't want to run two wireless networks.

I've draw a diagram of what I think the network will look like but don't know:

1. if I need a router, bridge or access point?
2. if the MyWi app can:
a. provide wireless internet to the network?
b. does it have to be the wireless network which others connect to?
c. will it only work if it is tethered via USB to a router?

Wish list items include:
1. Low power drain
2. Maybe a second USB port for storage
3. The router to be able to play media on an IOS device

If there is a particular gateway product on the market to do the above could anyone suggest it?

As this crosses a number of fields I've posted the question on two other websites hoping to work out the best solution. Sorry for the duplication.

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