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Maretron WSO100, Mast & SeatalkNG

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I'm in process of rebuilding my instrumentation and network on my sailboat. I'm surprised to find that most NMEA2000 cables for running down the mast are only 10 meters in length (my boat and mast aren't that big, but that won't cut it)? The only other option I can find is a 25 meter cable from Maretron which is both expensive, and complete overkill? Anyone have a solution for this? Can I connect a 10 meter, and a 2 meter successfully?

Also wondering if anyone is using a WSO100 on a Seatalk NG network? I've read that NG is supposed to be NMEA2000 compatible, can I just hook it in and expect it to work, or does it require it's own NMEA2000 backbone which is then connected to the NG backbone?

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  • Yes. As no drop line can be longer than 6 meters, it must be your intention to run the backbone up your mast. It is perfectly fine to put a T connector between the 10 meter and 2 meter length of backbone cable.

    Try to position the T connector where you can get at it easily. Blue Sea make a deck mount cable gland that will allow the N2K connector to go through your deck not just once, but if ever you remove your mast the connector comes back out. Just disconnect at the T connector you located inside your boat near the mast.

    Here is a link to the guide I refer to when I have cabling questions.