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Mary on Ms. Astor, Caribbean

RADAR - Simrad Anritsu RB714A Scanner & RF717A Display

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Hello, anyone know where i can buy a new or used RF717A Display for this Simrad Anritsu Radar system?

Or... can I take the scanner output and input to a different Display control unit.

Any suggestions appreciated.



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  • hello, I have the radar display that you're looking for, you ANRITZU SIMRAD RB714A, and in good condition and asking $ 200 plus shipping costs

  • the dispay is still available
    and ready to go

  • Hello Roberto,

    Sorry for the delay..... seems I have determined my scanner is dead as well.. so I need a Scanner and a display.. would you happen to have both?



  • Can you send me your contact info as I'm interested in the display if still available

  • Anyone know where I can get a new or used anritsu display unit RF712A

  • Hello Roberto,

    Do you still have the display available. If so I would like to buy it .

  • Hello Mr. Roberto I like to buy your anritsu display unit please call me as soon as possible 805-795-8118

  • I like to buy your anritsu display unit please call 805-795-8118 or send a massage. To thanks.

  • i need cable between RA770UA to RB709A

  • I have it but call me at 805-795-8118