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Upgrading Furuno NN3D with SSD disk?

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I have an early modell of Furuno NN3D MFD8, the existing HD is to small.
Furuno Norway decided to supply high definition pictures for overlay - with all the pictures on the hard drive I had not place for another map..

The price for a new ruggerized disk is insane..
I where contemplating to replace it with a SSD insted - it would help on the power consumption also.

Have anyone tried to do this?

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  • Update:
    The Furuno NN3D MFD8 uses a ide disk, no room to add a sata to ide adapter.

  • Transcend, amongst others, has PATA Solid State Drives.

  • Did anyone try this? With dropping flash prices it seems like a good idea. Considering the limited life of HDDs it might make sense to clone the HDD to an SSD before it goes bad - much less expensive than a factory repair.