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Garmin versus Raymarine in the Med.

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I am about to replace my aged systems with new Garmin or Raymarine.
Will be cruising the med , starting with Greece and Croatia.
was wondering if any body had comments about the availability of support and expertise in general through the med.

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  • Picked this up from another forum ...

    Originally Posted by vyv_cox
    Garmin charts are very poor for the Greek islands. In many cases the detail is non existent, as if looking at a chart on the worldwide scale without having paid for the real thing. I have taken this up with Garmin, who admit what I have said and advise that they are 'working very hard' to obtain rights to more detailed versions. They have been like this since 2004 at least, right up to the last LIBS, where I was able to view the latest version.

    In contrast, the Navionics app on my iPad, cost £37 for the whole Med, is fully detailed.
    I had the same problem with Garmin and after some time they said I could have a new upto date chart when it come out in Feb , I downloaded the new chart , guess what ? it was just the same as the old chart reefs missing and the small Island that I complained about that wasnt showing on their chat the year before still wasnt on the chat .