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B&G H1000

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I purchase a H1000 8 years ago and recently my system failled.
I contact B&G for support and the replays was we do not carry replacement parts for this system and i should replace for the new Triton.
No rebate allowed over 5 years. this is the kind of service we do not nead at the price the sold these unit.Sorry B&G i will not do business with you with this kind of attitude.

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  • If there are working h1000 components you would like to sell I´m interested. Please contact me.

    Apart from that I agree that B&G have poor customer care through early discontinuation and poor compatibility between their different generation systems.

  • I also have H1000. Does anyone have a used LCD display for sell? my was broken last week. and again low comparability with other devices.

  • Hi
    I have 3 H 1000 displays to be sold.
    2 of them are been bought (new) in february 2010. ( H1000 Multi and H 1000 anagogic) They are in Martinique.

  • Do you have any more H1000 3FD displays left?

  • I have several h1000 displays...3ea, new; and 1ea. universal interface box....$150 ea

  • Hi Howard

    Thanks for the responce. Please qoute shipping to South Africa. You can contact me on

  • Hi Howard!

    I'm interested in universal interface box. Is it still available?

    Best regards,

  • I have lots of working parts and accessiors for H1000 including: compass, displays, speed and depth transducers, interface boxes- some never used, pilot and wires contact me with interest!!
    Still Messin' Racing Team

  • Do you happen to have the cable that runs from the masthead unit?

  • I need an B&G h1000 universal interface box. Does anyone have one for sell?

  • I am looking for a B&G h1000 PDU. Mine is broken. If you still have one for sale please let me know. Horst

  • i still have a B&G h1000 linear drive type 2 12v for up to 25,000pds boat for sale.

  • Looking for pc board from B&G 508 wind sensor. B&G claims they cannot get part for their own products. Yeah right.

  • I have three H1000 diplays to replace. A multifunction, the wind angle and the pilot unit.
    I also try to find another 3Fd mast display If someone has one for sale please let me know.

  • Looking for b&g h1000 Autopilot display

  • Try Myles. He probably knows more about B&G products than most of their support people.

  • Anyone here selling cheap h1000? mail me

  • hi tangara, i am looking for B&G h1000 autopilot display,do you still have one available?
    suha özçetin

  • hi basly, i am looking for B&G h1000 autopilot display,do you still have one available?
    suha özçetin

  • Hi Howard, I am looking for B&G h1000 pilot display for my boat. Do you have any available might be new or used? If not do you have any idea about where can I find? Thank you...
    Best Regard,
    suha Özçetin

  • Hi Stillmessinj124, I am looking for B&G h1000 pilot display for my boat. Do you have any available please let me know. Thanks...
    suha Özçetin

  • Hi Howard , I have been looking for a Universal Interface box and cannot find one anywhere , would you still have one bay any chance ?? Thanks :)

  • Slightly off topic, but I have a friend looking for a B&G Remote Vision wireless controller for an H2000 autopilot. Any suggestions for total or "guts" replacement welcome.

  • Hello, I am looking for 2 B&G h1000 3FD displays, am I to late to the game?

  • Does anyone have a H1000 fpd? I have recently bought a boat with the H1000 system and I need to reset the calibration password. Any other way?

  • Hi all.
    Im looking for a B&G universal interface box if anyone know of one for sale please let me know. (

  • Did you buy H1000 gear in 2008? I thought that the H1000 system was from 2002. And wasn't it replaced by the H2000 in 2004 and then the H3000 in around 2007?

    Anyway, I too would be disappointed to hear that my vendor stopped supporting the gear that I owned, but then I'd start to understand given that it 14 year old gear - an eternity in the world of electronics.

    But no matter. Head over to eBay to pickup some surprisingly cheap used H1000 gear if you want to extend the life of your current system. If you see something that you like but don't like the price, contact the seller and make an offer. I imagine that not many people are buying H1000, so it's a buyers market.

  • Does anyone have a H1000 multifunction display (I have to change the mine for LCD problems) and a Universal Interface?