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Sail pods for Electronics

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Looking for a pod to house a new chart plotter and puzzled why pod manufactures haven't adjusted the size of the pods to fit newer and much thinner flat screens. All of the pods designed for plotters are still 7-8 inches thick. While this may be required for older designs, the trend with all these electronic devices is thinner and thinner. These thick pods for me are ugly and reflective of older technology. They also don't fit many applications where there isn't enough space between guard rails and the wheel.

Have checked with Navpod, Lewmar and SeaView all have no current plans to build thinner more stylish designs. I guess it's demand that drives production, but wish these companies would get with the times. Think about an iPad or the technology that's in a smart phone next time you look at one of these pods. I know a marine plotter is still thicker than an iPad but 7-8 inches for a pod???

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