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AIS receivers compatible with humminbird Chartplotter

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Someone know which AIS receivers to use with 1197C SI ?

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  • Any AIS receiver should work, Erland. While many have additional outputs like USB or NMEA 2000, I think they all output AIS target info in NMEA 0183 format at 38,400 bps. The electrical connection is sometimes called RS 232, and it's generally bare wires. Humminbird has a pretty good PDF on how to make that data connection though it oddly doesn't mention the 0183 data format. Guess it's just assumed.

  • Hello

    Thanks Ben

    I have solved the problem with connection between AIS receiver and Humminbird 1197c SI...

    I have an NASA MARINE , AIS ENGINE 2 receiver and after several attempt I suddenly get it connected with my Humminbird 1197c SI

    I use the connection explained in:

    The AIS are not viewed in the SYSTEM STATUS (ACCESSORY TEST)
    but when the AIS receiver send data to Humminbird you can select AIS at the Accessories Menu Tab