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Xantrex Battery Charge Problem

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Need some help troubleshooting a new Xantrex Charger. Hoping someone here may have had a similar problem and can offer some advice.

Charger is a Xantrex TrueCharge2 40A charger. Problem is it's flashing a High Charger Temperature warning light. Unit is in a well ventilated area and set at 80% output. With a full load (Fridge, cabin lights and instruments, warning light comes on after 20 mins or so,

Theres no obvious whirring sound indicating the fan is on. I'm wondering if the fan is the problem.

Anyone have any suggestions. Faulty unit or something else?

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  • I also have the same charger and the fan runs whenever the charge status is above 5%, you can here it running from 10ft away. I would call xantrex and explain the problem. I think they make a good product but their tech support is horrible. I had issues with mine and they were of no help whatsoever, if you read your manual you will know more about it than their tech dept. Hope this helps and good luck.