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Patrick - sv Deep Playa

NMEA2k GPS to Windows 7 Location

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I've pinged Actisense on this, but wanted to see if any of you know the answer.

Windows 7 supports "location services" (GPS, Accelerometers, etc). Do any of the USB gateways publish a Win7 location driver so native Windows apps can get location information?

This would be immensely helpful when you want to use many applications that want to consumer GPS information. All of the USB connected devices today seem to run as serial ports (one listener at a time) which stinks.

I'm very interested in this so I can get location into my blog posts, emails, and Evernote content.

SDK info for those who care:


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  • Hi Patrick,

    Is it not possible to use com0com (open source null modem emulator) to split the USB com port into virtual com ports for multiple listeners?