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MaxSea blues...

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Just got my fabulous new MaxSea TZ Explorer on the begining of april. I have a brand new HP DV7 computer with Windows 7 64 bit and about 25 years of computer experience behind me. Believe or not, Maxsea is not working on this computer. MaxSea support is terrible... it tooks 24-36 hours between each e-mail response. I have opened a case on april 8th and the best thing in sight is that someone should remote control in my computer on april 28 to see why it doesn't work.

For a 1500 $ software this is the worst support experience that i ever had in my whole computing life - and i've seen horror stories. It wonder if you can realy rely on this kind of software to take the sea.

Anybody has a similar experience or is my computer so unique ?

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  • If you are in the US, you should be calling Furuno for tech support. They are fabulous:

    - East Coast time = 410-479-4420
    - West Coast time = 360-834-9300

    If your HP is capable of running DirectXv9, there should be no problem running MSTZ Explorer on it. I run it on multiple W7 64-bit systems.

  • Ditto on calling Furuno. That's who I contact for any questions regarding MaxSea. They know their stuff with it and can help you. MaxSea was acquired by Furuno about 2 years ago.

    It MaxSea isn't working then it has to do with your graphics board. I bought a new Lenovo laptop 6 months ago and the one thing I made sure of is that it had a graphics processor compatible with MaxSea.

    I have ran MaxSea in conjunction with NavNet since Navnet x2 and love the interface. Very seemless and great.

  • Andre:
    MaxSea TZ Explorer is working on my new HP Envy 17 3D. Which GPU is on your DV7?

  • I have had MaxSea TZ running on a Windows 7 partition on a Mac Mini for more than a year. Works standalone or on the network with Furuno Class B AIS. Network also runs 2 Navnet2 chart plotters. Only problem I had wasto many stupid updates from Windows, so switched automatic updates off.

    MaxSea Time Zero is great navigation software. I have high praise for Furuno technical support, as well.

  • Andre feel your pain had the same issue on my toshiba laptop ended up being a conflict with the Windows video graphics on that computer, have a nvidia card in mine as well so told the computer to run the program (Max Sea) in that no more problems.