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Decoding Northstar/Navman NAVBUS

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Has anybody tried to interface a PC with any Navman/Northstar equipment? I have a radio and a depth sounder that I want to integrate with Open Skipper. Any hints are most welcome. Thanks in advance, Andrew

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  • All the Navman devices I've seen also output NMEA 0183 as well as Navbus. What equipment specifically?

  • Some Navman data is available only over NavBus, and not 0183. For example, Buddy position polling from their 7200 DSC VHF radio falls into this category, and so positions received over DSC will plot only on Navman plotters. I'm guessing NavBus is an extended serial protocol to allow multiple talkers, but someone is sure to know more about this than I do. Any suggestions? Thanks, Andrew

  • I have found out:

    "Navbus is a half duplex, token bus communications channel, utilising RS-485 differential pair technology."

    Have you got any further with this?