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Patrick - sv Deep Playa

Multiple Email Notifications

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Hey Ben, just a heads up. I'm getting three emails for every forum notification. Not sure if this is happening to anyone else, but you might want to check it.


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  • Patrick,

    I had a notification that you had responded to my previous posting last week and I had to approve your comments which I thought was odd. Happy to do it but I thought that was Ben's job.


  • Yes, a bit of a mess! What's happening is that notifications go out when an unregistered comment is first posted, and then again when it's approved, and yet again if I edit it (which I mostly do to my own comments ;-). Then there's the other thing whereby if you start a thread in the forum (which is really like writing an entry on the blog), you as the author get the unregistered comment approval emails (though I also see them on my "dashboard").

    I've spoken to my guy in Romania, who really is sharp at Movable Type, but he can't fix these problems, or hasn't, or doesn't understand me! I'll try again.