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Jeffrey Siegel

Finally...a cool Android app...

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It hasn't made sense - the Android app market has greatly expanded in size and yet few boating apps have been making appearances.

Finally, something new. There's a neat, new app released today called Currents. It uses the NOAA CO-OPS current data to give really nice current flow overlays on Google maps - about the perfect thing for coastal cruising.

This is the first Android app that does something no iPhone app does (to my knowledge). It's about time...

Don't get me wrong - I own 2 iPhones and an iPad and love them. But having competition and another marketplace for apps will spark creativity and competition and will make it all better for everyone.

More info here:

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  • "Spot has just announced a new gizmo called the Connect, along with an app, which you can use to turn your smartphone into a satellite communicator"
    and its an Android app, not iPhone.
    I wonder if that's because Apple is a bit slow in approving apps?

  • Thanks, Jeff. Currents is well done. Funny, though, it's not yet on Marketplace accessed with my Android phone.

    I also like Marine Weather by Bluefin. It wouldn't be hard to do the same thing for iOS, but I don't think anyone has.

  • Sandy, my understanding is that an iOS Spot Connect app is very close:

    Ditto for Cerberus, which is like Connect but two-way:

  • Ben, I'm the developer of Currents. Surprised that you didn't find the App in the Marketplace. Search for either 'yoyana' or 'currents'. This is my first foray into the Android Market so I'm sure there are plenty of places to stumble. I'm interested in getting feedback from users with various phones. The minimum Android OS version that this can run on is V1.6. I suspect that phones running a version less than 2.0 may struggle with the graphics. Feedback is welcome. You can find a link to the App at if the Marketplace fails.

  • Hi, Vernon. I just tried searching again on my Verizon Droid Incredible (Android 2.2) and neither "currents" nor "currents noaa" yields your program. I think the Market app on each phone tries to filter out apps that won't work on that particular phone, but Currents works fine on the something's not right.

    At any rate, congratulations on an interesting and stable app, with excellent documentation too. It's definitely one I look forward to seeing on an Android tablet ;-)

  • Hmm, I checked with some other Android owners with various devices and they see the App in the market. It may be that it's getting lost in the crowd. A Market search for 'currents' returns the App in 4th place on my phone. However, there are over 3000 entries returned for that search. Search for 'tide' and most of the results are for the University of Alabama. It seems the wording of the App description is critical to getting a good placement in searches. Ben, search for 'yoyana' in the Market. That should work. If not, let me know. It's also in the Market on the web:

    I may need to work on scribing a better description for the App.

  • I used the magnificent Currents App for Android for 2013, but cannot find a version for 2014. Will there be a 2014 version?? When available?

  • Please update for 2014! I love this app

  • I used to love this app and would either love an update for 2014 or would offer to take over maintenence if Vernon does not want to do it any longer.

    It seems to have dissappeared and is gone also. Does anyone know what happened to Vernon?

  • Would love a 2014 app. Also volunteering to help out with database/code.