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Airmar P79 & Maretron N2KView

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Does anyone have a recommendation on how to get Maretron N2KView to see a Airmar P79 depth transducer?
The N2KView does not display depth and Maretron Analyzer sees the transducer as a D200 not the P79.

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  • Henry, can you see the depth value in the PGN with N2KAnalyzer? If so, have you checked that the depth instance you're looking at in N2KView matches the instance seen in Analyzer? There also may be different 'types' of depth that can be displayed, like with and without offset, and I'd fiddle through those.

  • Henry, I think D[S][T]200 is the network name for all Airmar Smart sensors. That's what I see on my own network, and is 'proven' by the fact that all these sensors (DT800, DST800, P39, P79) use the same firmware; see

  • Airmar support (Gemeco) says the P79 will not work correctly with Maretron. Airmar OEMs the P79 to Maretron who load their own software on them to supply offset, etc.

    Gemeco says I should be able to see raw depth and since the sensor is seeing a "-", they suggest I check the mounting location but taping the device to a pole and sticking it in the water outside the boat. Will be trying that soon.

    It would really help if the vendors would post capatibility.