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Ben E

Lowrance HDS "not valid for area" issue

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I'm not sure this can be termed a bug, but some users might find it so. Apparently Lowrance has put some code in their latest software to discourage grey market sales outside the USA. It seems that if a unit meant for sale in the US is used in, say, New Zealand, a message "Not valid for Area" will blink on the screen, and nav units will default to Feet, miles, etc.

Here's a discussion by Kiwis trying to figure out what's going on:

And this video, though in French, is interesting, and has english comments:

I think this issue only applies to HDS models with Insight U.S. charts included, but I'm not positive. I also think that Lowrance will let folks who buy such an HDS in the States use it overseas, but again I'm not positive.

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  • Ben;

    I for one am getting ready to buy a new Chartplotter/radar combo, with the usual trimmings. We currently have a Lowrance 7300hd, and I want broadband radar.
    We also plan on cruising full-time starting sometime next year. Who knows where we will end up, and I won't buy a Lowrance (Or Simrad) unit until I know that it won't be crippled, or turned into an annoying flasher, until I KNOW that they have rethought this issue and fixed the fix.


  • The Norwegian Lowrance distributor informed about these changes in April.

    All US (non CE marked) HDS units produced after some date mid April are affected when upgraded to a newer software version than 2.5.

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