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iPad, iPhone, android N2K view

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Has anyone noticed Maretron now have a N2k View application available for these devices?

Anyone using them?

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  • They are not "free" in the sense of air. They are "free" in the sense of free to install and then you need a $495 (min) license to use.
    "Licensing N2KView® may be downloaded directly from the Apple Store to your iPhone at no cost. When you try to connect to your N2KServer, it will request a license from the server (either Basic or Platinum) in exactly the same way as any other N2KView station. If you already have a second license for home use, then use this license on your iPhone when your home computer is switched off. "

  • Let's be clear about this. If you own a single license to N2KView you can use it on the boat PC, at a home PC, on an iPad/iPhone, and on an Android device, as long as you're running it on only one machine at a time. If you buy two licenses, you and your crew can use any two devices simultaneously ...etc.

    So, no, the new mobile software versions are not as free as air (not much is, actually), but yes they are free new options in terms of how you use your N2K license or licenses.

  • I have never used it but I heard about it quite a lot.
    Anyone who used can tell st about this product for us?

  • Haven't tried MARETRON but tried this.

    I use SeaGauge ( ). Its a Wi-Fi based system that allows all data all Smartphones from iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows view realtime engine data or most other NMEA2000 data. You can even view Airmar weather station data.

    Up to 16 gauges can be displayed with 1 of their modules. I am was a beta tester for this and it works pretty sweet. Its not on the web site but the SeaGauge Remote box and marine monitors are. You need to call and get the info on the wireless product.

    This small module has NMEA 2000 converter and Wi-Fi with web server. I use it to monitor my systems when onboard and away.

    I spoke to the CTO Joe and he is a big supporter of open frame systems and collaboration.

  • I have N2KView running on a helm PC and have been playing with the iPad app. The configuration is less than straight forward. I am going to be playing with the VNC and AirDisplay apps to see if I can get a bit better functionality.