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Ben E

Ombre Rose N2K diagram

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This is Bob Bergoffen's N2KBuilder plan for his 38' sailboat:


It looks fine to me, though I wonder if all the field attachable connectors along the backbone are necessary.  I think they're valuable if you have a tight cable run, but otherwise pre-made cables are easier, more robust, and less expensive.  I'd also flip some of those tees around so the gender progression was more orderly.  It's a nuance, but the idea of the Maretron power tap with its two female connectors is that cable genders go M/F/M/F/M/F all the way from there to terminators and all devices.  That way if you ever break open the network when it's powered up you won't expose male pins that are hot.  There's no good reason I can think of to have M/M or F/F cables.

Download Bob's NB2 file here:  Ombre_Rose_4_N2K.n2b

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