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NMEA2000 logs wanted

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As some of you are probably aware of I'm building up a program and database of NMEA 2000 and manufacturer proprietary CAN messages. I've been able to improve this a lot now that the NMEA has published the full list of PGNs and fields in those messages. That's certainly a big improvement over hunting down messages all over the internet!

Anyway, I could do with some help here. If you have an Actisense NGT-1 (or a Lawicel CANbus) gateway hooked up to a Windows or Linux computer I'd love to receive a log file with the content of your bus.

Go to this page to read more on how you can help.

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  • Thanks for those whose have been so kind to provide some logs.

    I could use some more, especially from newer MFDs like Ray E wide, NN3D. Simrad, Lowrance and Airmar are well covered.