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Furuno sounder signal dropping on engine stop

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I have a Furuno DFF1 connected to the Navnet3D MFDBB. Twice I have noticed that when I pull into an anchorage and shut off the engine, the DFF1 signal drops. It no longer displays on the MFD or the Garmin N2K displays. After about a minute the signal comes back.

Unless the problem gets worse it's not the end of the world, but it is disconcerting. Any suggestions as to what the cause may be? I'm thinking that it could be related to a voltage drop in the house batteries when the alternator quits charging, but as the voltage doesn't go below 25.5V it doesn't seem like this alone should tweak the DFF1.

Ideas appreciated.


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  • Hi Adam,

    When this happens do you get a warning alarm and text saying that the connection to sounder was lost?

    I had this happen to me a few times in August and traced it directly to a drop in voltage. This happened after I changed my bow thruster from my start batteries to my house bank. Since the house bank had been drawn down and hadn't been recharged sufficiently it was killing the DFF1 when I would hit the bow thruster when docking.

    Have since moved thruster back to start battery and the problem has left. Good luck.


  • Jeff, no notification -- data is just gone for a minute. I might have done some bow thrusting while anchoring and the bow thrusters might be paralleled with the house bank. I'll check on that. I'll also have someone watch the voltage closely while we're anchoring, since I can't.