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Patrick - sv Deep Playa

USB Gateway Comparison

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Here are two pics of what the Actisense NMEA Reader sees when I connect it to the Actisense NGT-1-USB (NMEA 2000 pass thru), at top, and the Maretron USB100 (NMEA2k to 0183 only), below.

Patrick Actisense NGT data.png

Patrick Maretron USB100 data.png

Indeed, I do see more data via the Actisense gateway as Ben explained I would.
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  • Hi,
    Checking Maretron documentation chapter 2.6 page 6, ( )
    I could see two reasons :
    First, all nmea 2000 messages are not mapped by default
    Secondly, you could need device selection to avoid conflict between two devices providing the same kind of information on the nmea 2000 bus.

    An option is to setup the interface manually as described in the documentation ....

    Interesting test anyway
    Thank for it
    Philiipe F

  • Patrick, hope you don't mind that I put your Flickr images right into your entry. And thanks for posting this...although I think the actual data being passed is pretty similar (some of those N2K messages are just network handshake stuff). But you might find that some of the NMEA 0183 translations Maretron made are somewhat incomplete (no fault of theirs, just a problem with translation) and once there's more exotic data on your backbone -- stuff not covered by 0183, or not translated by Maretron -- the difference will be greater.

  • No problem at all Ben, looks much better that way!