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Connecting Furuno MFD8/12 with Maxsea PC without Hub 101

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It should be possible to connect a MFD 8/12 to a Maxsea PC using a crossover ethernet cable. It would avoid an expensive Hub 101 cost in a MFD standalone configuration.

Does anyone already tested this option ?
Any reason why it could not work ?
Thanks a lot for your comments
Best regards

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  • Yes will be fine.

    ensure you cut the power sync wires to make sure it doesnt blow up the ethernet port on your laptop.

    (tells you them in the install manual)

  • Good point ! Thanks a lot

  • I read the installation in detail.
    Auto MDI/X is supported -both crossover or not will operate
    The main point is to get a two pair only cable as explained in the guide
    A two pair cable is available from Furuno (reference is in the installation, section network)
    Thanks again for the tip and the entry point